Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl of EYEBALLS!

It is Super Bowl Sunday and I am tearing myself away from the chaos to bring you a feature that I can honestly say I am jealous of.Why am I jealous? Because this lady does'nt only create KICK ASS candles, but she has a life sized Predator that she MADE, his name is Hunter and I want one.

Today's featured shop is LilysByDesign AKA The Halloween Queen!

And oh what a Halloween Queen she is! Here is what she has to say for herself:
"Hi I'm Erin, a 34 year old mom who is a freak for Halloween. I look like a pta mom by day but I have a 9x9 inch tat on my back, a Halloween one! Still proud of it a year later OUCH!
I have an extensive Yard Haunt that has been featured in my local newspaper, and this past year the news came for 4 hours. I have thought long and hard about why I love it so. I realized that I am an artist and love to be creative. Halloween gave me an outlet,but I figured , why can't I do this all year round? So here I am.
Oh here is a link to my yard if you want to check it out:

one is day and one is night

Social netork with The Halloween Queen at her newly created facebook:

And swing on over to her etsy shop for some sweet and creeptastic candles!
BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF but only if you mention this blog!


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