Sunday, October 16, 2011

ZombieHolocaust explains football to the undead.

Hey ghouls and gobbies,
it came to my attention today that many of us undead simply don't understand this game of football. Mostly stemming from the fact that we walking corpses don't generally take part in many sports, or from a bad experience from some meat head possibly in high school not understanding the undead way of life, thus leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth, whatever the reason, today I'm going to break it down in a way that any of us flesh hungry corpses can understand.

First of all, you must look at it from a completely different angle than society has laid it out to you (come on your used to that anyway admit it)

So pretend that you have a field, the moon is shining, the bats are flying and all manner of ghoulies are about, its time for some fun.

So imagine on one side you have a human, this human is holding a brain, a dripping glorious juicy delish brain. But this human is a familiar for a group of vamps, so what happens when the zombies want to get this brain? the vampires have to "protect" their familiar.Because honestly we are dealing with zombies here and although they want the brain, they are bound to try and get something else tasty out of this poor guy.
(Yes,I'm talking about protecting the quarterback...Seahawks I realize this is a foreign idea for some of you)
It's the humans job to start of the fun by either running the brain himself or throwing to a team mate, whatever carnage happens between here and there is variable. Both sides have one of these, but he only plays when the brain belongs to their particular team.

So the point system is this, the vamps have a side and the zombies have a side, each team wants to get the brain to their side of the field, the various ways this is done give them points:

Offensive (Zombie) Scoring:
Run brain to other side - 6 points

Kick the brain - 3 points

Runs the brain to their side from a close distance- 2 points

Try (extra point) - 1 point

Defensive (Vampire) Scoring:

runs brain to other side - 6 points

undead who is tackled on their own side - 2 points

Try Safety (only if the dumb ass corpse falls before kick) - 1 point

A mummy acts as the eyes for the teams to make sure the points are added up correctly and that no one is playing dirty, like grabbing entrails to interfere with the passing of the brain, senseless biting ect. However the mummy is old and his eyes are bad so sometimes things can slip by unnoticed or they may think they see something wrong when really they don't, plus, you know how mummys like gold...some can be bribed, however this is frowned upon and not likely, but tends to arouse suspicion amongst spectating monsters.

Both zombies and vampires want to win because they are being paid in massive amounts of human body parts and fillings, more than any monster really needs but it doesn't matter because whats an afterlife without any entertainment?

So if you find yourself in the position of not caring about human football, yet for some reason or another forced to observe, just relax and see it from a ghouls point of view.
I realize I broke this down pretty simply but the basic structure is all you really need to know.

wink wink nudge nudge, a winks as good as a nod to a blind bat know what I mean, know what I mean??

Thursday, April 7, 2011


A young girl, lost and hopeless, runs through the cemetery. She’s tripping over headstones and her heels are digging into the soft soil beneath her. She pants with terror as green, dead fingers wiggle like worms beneath the earth. Some corpses have already risen and are limping toward her, their arms stretched outward.

The girl loses her balance and has dirtied her dress; it begins to fray at the ends. She creeps through bushes like a stealth black cat in the night. The branches tug at her clothing and she emerges from the brush with a broken dress strap.

Her white dress is littered with mud and twigs and spiders have begun nesting in her hair. She stands up tall, raises her chin and flees the zombie ridden graveyard. She had to have been wearing Runaway Couture...

Yes, is beautiful darkness. A far cry from the massive produced emo swag one stumbles upon in the mall. The desire of many a goth or alternative girl wanting something elegant and innovative and most importantly unique. As she describes in her above apostrophe, her work really does feel literary, and it shows in her photographs. The images will haunt you and leave you intriqued for more....

she is a self proclaimed Couturier and Costume Designer creating custom clothing for event, performance, and film. Quick and nimble fingers, vast imagination, and of course... heart :)

Follow her amazing career in which her work is feature in music videos, photoshoots, and a peek into her world on facebook and twitter!/pages/Runaway-Couture/173273859358329?sk=info

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


One of the worst things about corporations or big businesses are THE GOD AWFUL BORING GRAPHICS. I mean I see some of the logos and pages and think to myself, "Jimeny Crickets you make millions of dollars and can't hire someone with a little imagination for your aesthetic designs? This sets a bad standard for smaller businesses, it makes some think that you have to have boring sterile designs to be successful. This trickles down into things like greeting cards, wedding paraphernalia, and other things that should be fun and exciting. The answer to this is a big fat fervent NO. Which is why I'm happy to present today's featured seller SacredCyn

About SacredCyn:My name is Cynthia. Online, I've used Sacredcyn as a handle that I've used for as long as I can remember. I started out as SacredSin and it morphed into Cyn.. =) My handle is a big part of my art, that is why I am emphasizing it. I am a strong believer of balance.. and opposites. Embracing light and darkness.
I also love Shakespearean poetry, Shakespeare himself was a very avid user of oxymoron, which I am all about.. the yes and no factor.

She has more info about herself on Squidoo that would give you a bit of an insight to her personality. =) (It seems like alot of reading, but it actually not)
General ME:

About the art:
I remember I was 14 (1998) when I first began meddling with graphic design. I used Paintshop pro 3 to create avatar for my Excite Virtual Places login. Which was an online community, and "very cool" chat-room. I remember seeing someone with an awesome Nirvana avatar, and was like "How did they do that" . There was no Google yet, so I "Lycos'd" graphic design.
Since then I have loved created, learning and experimenting with digital art. From photo restoration to vector creation. I've created Tshirt designs ( banners, logos, mixed media art.

Although I do create for corporate businesses, my muse lives in the darker realm. I love creating dark art., from black metal occult, to beautiful romantic tragedies.. I am a romantic in the strictest sense.. =)

I love to write:
listen to music.... (Metal, Opera, Jazz.. classical.. even in the more conservative genres, I am able to pick out the gloomiest works)

So if you need some graphics for your business, custom wedding suite, neat crafting materials? you know where to go!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beauty and Braaaaiiinnnsss......

This evening I present to you the vaaavaavoom GOREgeous GirlZombie!

So, I love hats. But Ive never wanted one for everyday of the week until I saw this shop. Girlzombies fascinators are too damn cute.

Also if you need something to squeeze while you stay up late alone watching horror movies she makes awesome pillows!

(what? I know Im not the only one!)

Plus, a girlzombie can never have too many accessories :)

Girlzombie says:
im a very creative person and get my inspiration mostly from classic horror movies, pinup/rockabilly/psychobilly, retro and vintage... i am the dark and the light and enjoy both,i love vampires,grave yards,dead trees, crows,spiderwebs, coffins, zombies, but also at the same time love the innocence of the 1950's , and adore vintage shopping. i read every vampire book i can get my hands on, and watch every horror movie ( especially if there are zombies!)

heres both her links for facebook:!/eringirlzombietaylor!/pages/Beauty-and-Braaains-accessories/171025346254354
im also on :
you need to head over there and quick! she is having a giveaway for those who send her the most new fans, be sure to tell her who sent ya :) wink
just kidding, Ill give one of you ghouls a chance for the winnings <3

Win this beauty:

until next time freaks.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deny it if you want to but the truth stands that there is a certain fascination with death, murder and those who commit them. They have been the subject of oral history, literature, and cinema since people could communicate with one another. Because unfortunately there is evil in the world, and every story, true or false needs an antagonist. Sometimes people hear or see something of this nature and it sticks with them forever. Sometimes artists just need to feed this fascination. After all isnt that what art is? an expression of ones feelings. Sometimes people need to paint death.

Todays featured artist Is John Slaney
All his paintings convey such strong emotional ties, whether its horror themed or portraitures, John Slaney is an amazing artist.

A bit about John Slaney:
My name is John Slaney. I live in Oakville, Connecticut with my wife, Rachel, our two children, Jace and Connor and our dog, Max. I've been pursuing and creating art all my life.

The bulk of my methods and technique have been developed through my own processes; that is to say, I'm mostly self-taught, but a fantastic art teacher in high school helped me amass a portfolio that won me a sizable scholarship to the Columbus College of Art and Design. At this time, my interest in writing would also flourish. I've also learned a great deal from other artists -- peers and friends alike.

For the most part, I work in oil paint and, before I lost a job that allotted me cheap resources to fashion them regularly, I painted primarily on homemade panels. Stretched Linen, and cotton 'army duck' canvas are now my main work surfaces. I also enjoy mixed-media collage and photography but, as is made obvious by my shop's contents, my focus is on oil painting.

My paintings encompass a variety of subjects with an emphasis on grotesque, highly interpretive portraiture, variations on 'traditional' portraiture and, sometimes, “unusual” wildlife. Though surrealist and Dadaist perspective, and post-impressionistic methods imbibe my approach, my own obsession with texture, strong color, contrast, detail and depth through heavy layering are constants.

My primary influences include – but, naturally, are not limited to – Egon Schiele, Otto Dix, Hieronymus Bosch, Albrecht Durer, Matthias (Mathis) Grunewald, Francisco Goya, Michelangelo Caravaggio, Jusepe de Ribera, El Greco, Rembrandt, Gustave Moreau, Vincent Van Gogh, Jose Posada, Paul Cezanne, Joan Miro, Max Ernst, Roberto Matta and Odd Nerdrum, among others.

My family -- especially my wife, Rachel -- is, on an immeasurable scale, my truest and grandest of inspirations. To share my work with them -- with her -- is what I treasure above all else . . . Above awards, above money, above the compliments of peers and above accolades and fanfare of all types. I am startlingly fortunate to have the family I do.

My artistic goals are modest. Simply to finish a work is a thrilling achievement, as the small, scattered increments of time I do have must be properly juggled and exploited in order to stab and stroke at my latest piece – even for just an hour or two at a time. My creative endeavors are realized late at night, when it's quiet and dark and sleepy.

Check him out on facebook here:

Monday, March 21, 2011

And what happens when we get twitterpated? well besides the usual lust binges twitterpation often has side effects of lightheadedness, inability to think straight or about anything but your love. And occasionally weddings and even babies can be a result. What? OH...oh dear have you already been infected? well in that case if you on on the wedding level of this illness, our featured seller of the day may be able to relieve a bit of headaches that will no doubt come from this particular side effect.
Whether its a Fall wedding, Goth wedding, offbeat or whatever wedding MsFormaldehyde has accessories to compliment your big day. if you have perhaps not reached this level of twitterpation and just want to have some fun in the sun, she also makes some kick ass tiki, Polynesian and Hawaiian inspired things for looking sexy while sipping mei tais with that special someone.
If there is no special someone, there is no shame in spoiling oneself is there? You're special aren't you? Hooray for self twitterpation! (teehee)

Message from Msformaldehyde:
I am born and raised in San Diego. I love to make accessories for special occasions. Tell me what you want and I can make it!
I make carved skulls, sugar skulls, gothic, voodoo, glitter fashion, lowbrow, lolita pin up and dita burlesque accessories.
I also can do wholesale just ask.
Add my facebook I have a contest when I hit 300 2 winners will be picked to get free stuff.
I can do any color skeleton hands, I have new stuff coming up for Bat's Day Black Market in May 2011.
Follow my blog here

Monday, March 14, 2011

Liable to Mutate Your Tongue

Today's featured seller is Juliet Cook AKA
I'm a relentless bookworm, I love to read and I also love poetry, especially strange and unique poetry. Diving into Juliet's work is like falling into a dark but beautiful dream, and the words will haunt you, make you weep, smile, and want more.

Not only is Juliet an amazing poet, but she also helps other poets get their work out there by printing other writers poems!

The Blood Pudding Press shop features hand-designed poetry chapbooks AND a semi-random assortment of vintage and ephemera.
Contemporary poetry is Juliet's primary passion, but other interests include reading, art, third wave feminism, knee socks, vintage waitress dresses, paper products, Transcendental Meditation, the paranormal, David Lynch films, documentaries (especially about artists) contempo. lit. crit., footnotes, pomo, the gurlesque, kinky hybrids, unusual juxtapositions, and variants of horror and erotica that are not too genre-esque.

I had the honor of working with Juliet on her full length Chapbook for the cover art:

As a result of this, I got a taste of her work, am a lifelong fan, and from socializing with her I must say this woman is absolutely amazing.

You can also find her and her Delicious thoughts