Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air !

Happy Valentine's day everyone! What a perfect feature I have for you today, because what says Love like weddings? And what better than a stylish offbeat one at that!

Today I bring you VespertineHollow also known as Eluria Obscura

She started selling goth, victorian and steampunk mini top hats in May of 2009 and noticed that a lot of ladies purchased them to wear on their wedding day, so gradually she has shifted her focus to bridal wear for offbeat brides.

Here is how she explains her process:
"I created Vespertine Hollow in May 2009 in Portland, OR. After losing a job that I honestly hated, I decided to forge my own path using only the talents that I was born with and my love for creating beauty for others to enjoy and appreciate. Before that fateful day, creating was something that I could only do in my spare time, when I had a brief respite from the demands of working over 40 hours a week. Make no mistake, I still have a full schedule, between running my own business and full time college career, but now I can honestly say that I go to bed every night feeling fulfilled and happy to be using my hands to create the beauty that I see in my dreams. Each of my creations are one of a kind and will never be duplicated, and I am very happy to modify any of my pieces or even take custom orders and suggestions from prospective clients. I stand behind all of my designs with a money back guarantee, as I am confident in my work and always look for ways to combine quality with affordability."

As well as a deal message from Eluria:
I am offering a sale right now for people that want to purchase things to wear to the Vampire's Masquerade Ball ( here in Portland, OR, the coupon code is VMB11, and it's good for 15% off until the VMB at the end of March.

You must check out more of her beauties at her shop here:

and be a socialite with her at these locations:

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