Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shot through the Heart with some Fine Art!

Today's feature is the artwork of Michael F Brown,

I have my eye on this guys work, something very touching about his artwork, kinda gives me chills when I look at it. Its the kind of thing you could have in your foyer entrance which would stop people dead in their tracks, just to stare and ask questions, questions which can only be answered individually. Very existentialist I know...sorry but I thrive on that, wait... No I'm not sorry...How's that for an existentialist viewpoint? "Gaze" at this:

artist statement:

My artwork will never represent just one subject. It is the past, present, and future of my mind, heart, eyes and hands. Each piece embodies a moment in time that no one else has experienced as I have.

Every second my eyes take millions of pictures, and every so often one of them has to be developed. What begins on the inside manifests onto canvas, and it is satisfying to share this with others.

I am always waiting for my next vision to emerge.

Michael is having sales all through February in his etsy shop here:


Order soon to get it in time for Valentine's Day!

And be sure to follow him on facebook here www.facebook.com/mfbart
He is having a contest where the winner gets a free painting when he gets 200 likes. His contests are really fun! and you get great stuff! I won one and recieved that beautiful Heart (pictured above)The texture is stunning.

He also makes some really great treasuries which you can view here:

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