Friday, February 4, 2011

A bit Kreepy

The Feature of the day is the Stunning KristinaKreep! AKA My Darling Frankenstein.

Kreepy says:

I consider myself a cross between Martha Stewart and Lily Munster, with lots of tattoos :p I'm a 25 year old house wife and stay at home mom of a beautiful baby girl. Our home is pretty much a Horror museum, which is great inspiration for my crafts. I do the crafting for my shop, but I also sew, paint, and I'm witchy in the kitchen. I have an intense love/obsession of horror and pinup culture, I've even done some professional pinup modeling. I began making hair accessories that reflected those loves a couple years ago and I was constantly asked where I bought them, My Darling Frankenstein was born! Almost all of my pieces are hand molded with resin and painted by me. Each skull, cameo, brain, bone, ect! I put so much love and time into each piece because they represent me and these genres I hold so dear. Quality is so important, I would never sell something I wouldn't wear myself. By hand molding pieces I can assure that quality. Some of my items are also available on a horror specialty site, and I also had a horror convention reach out to me to vend for them this year so I'm really excited about the direction my creations are headed!

You can see more of her fabulous creations at her etsy shop:

She is having a giveaway of this loverly:
(see pictured above)

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