Thursday, April 7, 2011


A young girl, lost and hopeless, runs through the cemetery. She’s tripping over headstones and her heels are digging into the soft soil beneath her. She pants with terror as green, dead fingers wiggle like worms beneath the earth. Some corpses have already risen and are limping toward her, their arms stretched outward.

The girl loses her balance and has dirtied her dress; it begins to fray at the ends. She creeps through bushes like a stealth black cat in the night. The branches tug at her clothing and she emerges from the brush with a broken dress strap.

Her white dress is littered with mud and twigs and spiders have begun nesting in her hair. She stands up tall, raises her chin and flees the zombie ridden graveyard. She had to have been wearing Runaway Couture...

Yes, is beautiful darkness. A far cry from the massive produced emo swag one stumbles upon in the mall. The desire of many a goth or alternative girl wanting something elegant and innovative and most importantly unique. As she describes in her above apostrophe, her work really does feel literary, and it shows in her photographs. The images will haunt you and leave you intriqued for more....

she is a self proclaimed Couturier and Costume Designer creating custom clothing for event, performance, and film. Quick and nimble fingers, vast imagination, and of course... heart :)

Follow her amazing career in which her work is feature in music videos, photoshoots, and a peek into her world on facebook and twitter!/pages/Runaway-Couture/173273859358329?sk=info

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


One of the worst things about corporations or big businesses are THE GOD AWFUL BORING GRAPHICS. I mean I see some of the logos and pages and think to myself, "Jimeny Crickets you make millions of dollars and can't hire someone with a little imagination for your aesthetic designs? This sets a bad standard for smaller businesses, it makes some think that you have to have boring sterile designs to be successful. This trickles down into things like greeting cards, wedding paraphernalia, and other things that should be fun and exciting. The answer to this is a big fat fervent NO. Which is why I'm happy to present today's featured seller SacredCyn

About SacredCyn:My name is Cynthia. Online, I've used Sacredcyn as a handle that I've used for as long as I can remember. I started out as SacredSin and it morphed into Cyn.. =) My handle is a big part of my art, that is why I am emphasizing it. I am a strong believer of balance.. and opposites. Embracing light and darkness.
I also love Shakespearean poetry, Shakespeare himself was a very avid user of oxymoron, which I am all about.. the yes and no factor.

She has more info about herself on Squidoo that would give you a bit of an insight to her personality. =) (It seems like alot of reading, but it actually not)
General ME:

About the art:
I remember I was 14 (1998) when I first began meddling with graphic design. I used Paintshop pro 3 to create avatar for my Excite Virtual Places login. Which was an online community, and "very cool" chat-room. I remember seeing someone with an awesome Nirvana avatar, and was like "How did they do that" . There was no Google yet, so I "Lycos'd" graphic design.
Since then I have loved created, learning and experimenting with digital art. From photo restoration to vector creation. I've created Tshirt designs ( banners, logos, mixed media art.

Although I do create for corporate businesses, my muse lives in the darker realm. I love creating dark art., from black metal occult, to beautiful romantic tragedies.. I am a romantic in the strictest sense.. =)

I love to write:
listen to music.... (Metal, Opera, Jazz.. classical.. even in the more conservative genres, I am able to pick out the gloomiest works)

So if you need some graphics for your business, custom wedding suite, neat crafting materials? you know where to go!