Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Days You Just Need To Get Some Head.

I thought this shop was an appropriate feature today, as the organisms that are currently taking over my body, making me feel well...less than glamorous, I can relate to these artworks in a way mimicking that of a small child who sees that creepy sunshine with the baby face on the controversial show teletubbies. If you still don't get it, I feel like a grotesque floating head with goo alright.

Don't get me wrong yes these heads are gross, but I love them, I have a strange draw towards nasty things, i mean just look at my dog.

I honestly think that many ugly things are cute, which in this cacaophobic society is not as rare as one may think, and if I had found this etsy team in high school I probably would not have felt quite so much like a square peg in a round hole.

About this shop owner:

"Hello. I've been making ceramic heads for a little over twelve years. I plan to continue to make them for quite some time, which means I need folks to buy them because they are overtaking my house.

I recognize George Ohr, Roger Verdugo, Larry David, Paul Gauguin, Jim Jones, Steve Kerr, Maurice Grossman, Robert Arneson, PK Hoffman, Frank Boyden, and numerous unnamed folk artists as my main influences up to this point.

My shop name is named 3sevens to pay homage to the mystery that is 777. I've been seeing that number on random license plates for over fifteen years. Like the Double Rainbow Guy, I wonder what it means. I doubt I ever will find out."

check out ore awesome heads as well as some other ceramics in his etsy shop here:

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