Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Love To Death"

Zombies and Skeletons and Purty guuuuurrrrllls OH MY! NEVERDIEART is not for the faint of heart!

Beautifully vibrant,colorful and sexy images.

A great addition for anyone looking for an amazing conversation piece.

Some pieces already being snatched up by other Horror Couture members.And NeverDieArt also welcoms custom portraits! So you can boldly display the freak in you with one of these distinct works by Carissa Rose!

Here is her etsy shop for your viewing PLEASURE.

I am Carissa Rose, a tattooist out of the northwest Chicago suburbs. Art is my passion and it's pretty much all I do. I specialize in watercolor and acrylic painting, doing portraits and tattoo inspired pieces. I provide prints and originals, at very affordable prices, starting as low as 5 Dollars.

For the next two weeks I am doing a 25% off sale on all Original pieces.
I also include a free 5x7 print with every order.

Check out her facebook page to stay up to date with her work:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mealy Monster Land

Todays feature is theeeee ooonnneeee thhheeee onnnnllllyyyy MEALYMONSTER!
each mealy monster is hand sculpted with polymer clay, detailed with acrylics. No molds are every used. no two are alike. each one is truly one of a kind.

"Nicole Johnson of Mealy Monster Land is sure that her love of horror movies plays a part in her work. She studied at various places in New York state, including Buffalo State College’s fine arts program, where she worked in all mediums, with a focus on printmaking. Her work has been published in Artful Blogging, Art Doll Quarterly, Celebrate 365, and Doll Collector. She has shown in various exhibitions throughout the U.S.

Johnson lives in Western New York with her husband, three children, cat, and dog."

You can also visit her website for more information about her and the mealy monsters!

She is also a proud member of these other teams:
Etsy Art Dolls Only:
Etsy Ugly Cute

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Horror Couture FaceBook Fanpage

Hey all! Tomorrow I will continue with another great featured shop! However today I would like to promote our new FaceBook FanPage for Horror Couture!

check it out here!:¬if_t=feed_comment_reply#!/HorrorCouture

It's a work in progress and we are slowly adding our shops to the albums. You will be able to see the shops, what's for sale, and when you "like" our page you can be entered to win more giveaways! We already are having one today, so be sure to get in on that fun stuff.

Here is our team page on etsy too where you can find all our members right now as well as shop. signing up for etsy is easy and free. Plus its guaranteed you will find some things you wont find anywhere else, and lets face it, its hard to be an individual when shopping at the production line made/ not sure if it's sweatshop/boring as Hell markets.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Feed Your Creepy Side

Early morning feature today!
Horribell! Some more jewelry for the unconventional gal.

Some of these great pieces at first glance look like classic chic, however upon closer inspection one sees that the pieces are darker in nature, beautiful Gothic treasures.

Some are blatantly creeptastic

and some are just unarguably pretty.

Be sure to check out more great pieces in her shop here:

Horribell says:
"Horribell Originals was born in the summer of 08 and continues to grow in size and quality every day. My designs are mostly inspired by vintage and new school tattoo art, kustom kulture, pin ups, punk rock, psychobilly, and my unrelenting love for horror."

Be sure to find her on her networks for some great deals, the coupon codes are below which you can redeem when you join her fan pages. Simply go to her shop, find something great and copy and paste the codes at checkout for your discount :)

Horribell Facebook fans. Code: HO15FB

There is also a deal for Myspace friends: MY15OFF

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Days You Just Need To Get Some Head.

I thought this shop was an appropriate feature today, as the organisms that are currently taking over my body, making me feel well...less than glamorous, I can relate to these artworks in a way mimicking that of a small child who sees that creepy sunshine with the baby face on the controversial show teletubbies. If you still don't get it, I feel like a grotesque floating head with goo alright.

Don't get me wrong yes these heads are gross, but I love them, I have a strange draw towards nasty things, i mean just look at my dog.

I honestly think that many ugly things are cute, which in this cacaophobic society is not as rare as one may think, and if I had found this etsy team in high school I probably would not have felt quite so much like a square peg in a round hole.

About this shop owner:

"Hello. I've been making ceramic heads for a little over twelve years. I plan to continue to make them for quite some time, which means I need folks to buy them because they are overtaking my house.

I recognize George Ohr, Roger Verdugo, Larry David, Paul Gauguin, Jim Jones, Steve Kerr, Maurice Grossman, Robert Arneson, PK Hoffman, Frank Boyden, and numerous unnamed folk artists as my main influences up to this point.

My shop name is named 3sevens to pay homage to the mystery that is 777. I've been seeing that number on random license plates for over fifteen years. Like the Double Rainbow Guy, I wonder what it means. I doubt I ever will find out."

check out ore awesome heads as well as some other ceramics in his etsy shop here:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I need more power!!

Todays feature was supposed to be yesterday but sadly due to the gestation of some very angry mico-organisms my body has been keeping me from te things i actually want to be doing. So in light of that I will make up for this injustice by promoting 2 shops run by the same talented woman! They make me giggle, they make me nostalgic, and they must be shown to the world!!!!

Todays features.....

WildeMoon and POWERUPS!

Beth's Bio:"I have been interested in crafting and jewelry since I was a little girl. I am now a grown up graphic designer, but I find it no less enjoyable to sit down and make something with my own two hands. Being able to share the things I make, the pictures I draw, and the photos I take with others is one of the things I love most about the internet and especially about Etsy."
She also shares a shop with her hubby Wes which is called PowerUps and this is what they have to say for themselves:
"We are a pair of geeky crafters living in Texas. We enjoy creating and making fun stuff together, and we enjoy sharing said stuff with everyone. Wes is a database administrator by trade, and Beth is a graphic designer, so together we make the ultimate team of nerds."

Her barbie murders(some pictured above) have their very own Storque article: why? because they rock, and what girl honestly hasn't played murder with Barbie? I know it wasn't just me....

Etsy shops: - - Wildemoon.etsy.comTwitter:

In case you needed another reason to follow the blog, Wildemoon is giving a deal to the readers a special coupon code for 15% off at Wilde Designs - just copy and paste ZOMBIEWILDE into the coupon code box at checkout once you find something loverly you must have!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air !

Happy Valentine's day everyone! What a perfect feature I have for you today, because what says Love like weddings? And what better than a stylish offbeat one at that!

Today I bring you VespertineHollow also known as Eluria Obscura

She started selling goth, victorian and steampunk mini top hats in May of 2009 and noticed that a lot of ladies purchased them to wear on their wedding day, so gradually she has shifted her focus to bridal wear for offbeat brides.

Here is how she explains her process:
"I created Vespertine Hollow in May 2009 in Portland, OR. After losing a job that I honestly hated, I decided to forge my own path using only the talents that I was born with and my love for creating beauty for others to enjoy and appreciate. Before that fateful day, creating was something that I could only do in my spare time, when I had a brief respite from the demands of working over 40 hours a week. Make no mistake, I still have a full schedule, between running my own business and full time college career, but now I can honestly say that I go to bed every night feeling fulfilled and happy to be using my hands to create the beauty that I see in my dreams. Each of my creations are one of a kind and will never be duplicated, and I am very happy to modify any of my pieces or even take custom orders and suggestions from prospective clients. I stand behind all of my designs with a money back guarantee, as I am confident in my work and always look for ways to combine quality with affordability."

As well as a deal message from Eluria:
I am offering a sale right now for people that want to purchase things to wear to the Vampire's Masquerade Ball ( here in Portland, OR, the coupon code is VMB11, and it's good for 15% off until the VMB at the end of March.

You must check out more of her beauties at her shop here:

and be a socialite with her at these locations:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Romancing the Zombie

Todays shop makes me happy on multiple levels. Her artwork is so disgusting and absolutely adorable. Sick spin offs of some of my favoite things, Alice in Wonderland, Marie Antoinette, even my dirty secret love of anime. Her shop is a must stop today, so be sure to do so, let the nostalgia course through your veins.

kristilyn - kuh-ree-sstee-lin (n) AKA ZombieRomance
a new england born girl with a supremely skilled southpaw.

kristilyn attended the school of the museum of fine arts in boston and focused her studies on animation, comics and illustration while also dabbling in video editing and production. she graduated in 2004 with a bachelors in fine arts. She has participated in numerous projects spanning many genres and mediums. Her animated and live-action video works have been screened at the museum of fine arts and on fuse network television. She loves attending conventions and drawing the best ten minute portraits around.

Currently, she resides in the artistic limb of Boston: Jamaica Plain, with three cats and her musical other half, expelling her creative impulses though art and craft, bed mermaiding and devouring endless films and albums.
>> website:
>> blog:
>> twitter:
>> deviant art:
>> facebook:!/pages/Zombie-Romance/359796364530?ref=nf

coupon code: horrorpop
gets you: 15% off

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sacchetto: A symphony of style

Todays Feature almost didn't happen, I have been running around like a crazy person all day but I have to show you all this great seller. His style is vibrant and amazing and fabulously ghoulish.

sacchetto AKA Edward!

Here is his story:

I fell in Love with the day of the dead style of artwork on a trip to Mexico , I love the hand made quality of the style in which it is carved or crafted from tin. I was swept away by the beautiful colors that reflected the life of these adobe style building against the aquamarine water scape, I traveled from each tiny shop emerging each time with a wonderful unfound treasure , of which I would add to my collection, the timeless quality glowed from within each piece making it seem even more part of a puzzle I was constructing into one large work, I would later use as inspiration for my handbag collection.I love horror movies, retro vintage clothing, pulp fiction zine artwork and b movies, these all help to inspire my work.

here is his shop:

Follow Edward on Twitter:!/sickeboy

Facebook Edward here:

Be sure to follow for a chance to win an awesome light up t-shirt!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Creepy Stuff For Creepy People

Today I'd like to introduce you to Nan, AKA CreepyStuff

This vegetarian, mom, animal rescuer, left wing political junkie and all around weird-o from way back, decided to say bye bye to the weary nine to fiver to make art her full time job! She is influenced by Voodoo, Cryptozoology, Art History, Old Punk Music, Ghosts, Anthropology and Classic Horror Movies.

Quote: "I love revamping old items & transforming them into Creepy Stuff-though usually with a bit of twisted cuteness. I just HAVE to make art everyday..."

You can check out some more of her creations by visiting her shop here:

She is running a fun deal for a limited time:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shot through the Heart with some Fine Art!

Today's feature is the artwork of Michael F Brown,

I have my eye on this guys work, something very touching about his artwork, kinda gives me chills when I look at it. Its the kind of thing you could have in your foyer entrance which would stop people dead in their tracks, just to stare and ask questions, questions which can only be answered individually. Very existentialist I know...sorry but I thrive on that, wait... No I'm not sorry...How's that for an existentialist viewpoint? "Gaze" at this:

artist statement:

My artwork will never represent just one subject. It is the past, present, and future of my mind, heart, eyes and hands. Each piece embodies a moment in time that no one else has experienced as I have.

Every second my eyes take millions of pictures, and every so often one of them has to be developed. What begins on the inside manifests onto canvas, and it is satisfying to share this with others.

I am always waiting for my next vision to emerge.

Michael is having sales all through February in his etsy shop here:

Order soon to get it in time for Valentine's Day!

And be sure to follow him on facebook here
He is having a contest where the winner gets a free painting when he gets 200 likes. His contests are really fun! and you get great stuff! I won one and recieved that beautiful Heart (pictured above)The texture is stunning.

He also makes some really great treasuries which you can view here:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just what the Dr. ordered!

Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better except for a cupcake, one fell right into my lap! FlamingoCupcake that is! This shop looks good enough to eat!
What do cupcakes have to do with horror you may ask? And I say excuse me? Do we really need an excuse for cupcakes? I mean really. That's what I thought. And by no means is her shop limited to simply sweets, she has some wonderful pop culture delights right in her shop, fun for the whole family, not just you horror freaks.
here is her proclamation:

My name is Tanya (or T) and I live with my husband and puppy in Baltimore. If Martha Stewart and John Waters had a baby, I would be that child. I studied Interior Design and love decorating my third floor condo as if it were a mid-century modern ranch home in the 1950's. I've been sewing, crafting, and creating things for as long as I can remember. It just made sense to start Flamingo Cupcake Studios (my other etsy shop is now just for my vintage clothing and housewares, I am a pop culture freak so mixing in horror elements with the rest of my vintage/retro/pinup vibe just seems to work. For anyone in the area, I will be selling at the Jim Thorpe Burlesque Festival in PA April 2-3. I am super psyched! Come out and see me!Follow her blog over here:

She has an unspecified giveaway, so if you likey what you see, you should follow, because a darkly Delicious delight may just be in the stars for you.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl of EYEBALLS!

It is Super Bowl Sunday and I am tearing myself away from the chaos to bring you a feature that I can honestly say I am jealous of.Why am I jealous? Because this lady does'nt only create KICK ASS candles, but she has a life sized Predator that she MADE, his name is Hunter and I want one.

Today's featured shop is LilysByDesign AKA The Halloween Queen!

And oh what a Halloween Queen she is! Here is what she has to say for herself:
"Hi I'm Erin, a 34 year old mom who is a freak for Halloween. I look like a pta mom by day but I have a 9x9 inch tat on my back, a Halloween one! Still proud of it a year later OUCH!
I have an extensive Yard Haunt that has been featured in my local newspaper, and this past year the news came for 4 hours. I have thought long and hard about why I love it so. I realized that I am an artist and love to be creative. Halloween gave me an outlet,but I figured , why can't I do this all year round? So here I am.
Oh here is a link to my yard if you want to check it out:

one is day and one is night

Social netork with The Halloween Queen at her newly created facebook:

And swing on over to her etsy shop for some sweet and creeptastic candles!
BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF but only if you mention this blog!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zombie Pin-Ups like fashion too!

Happy Saturday All! I certainly hope you put aside some time to learn a little about our featured seller today and possibly take advantage of a great deal! Tadays seller is...

Cholabilly13 AKA Zombie Gore Couture!

(a fun fact about Cholabilly13's shop is that within the first few days of joining, her monster movie tote became a sort of unofficial Horror Couture Team Tote, when many of us chicas decided to snatch them up one by one! this sweet bag is pictured above.)

Cholabilly13 goes by Stephanie Zombie in the flesh, she loves all things monster, so much as to even have the word Zombie permanently emblazened artfully upon her person.

Zombie Gore Couture are Kustom pieces from jewelry to hair accessories and soon purses & clothing!
she has accessories for all walks of style! so weather your a psycho gal, goth or metal head! you'll be sure to find something to your liking.

You can check out more items at her etsy shop here:

See something you must have? use this coupon code at checkout for 20% off!

Social network with this fun lady at these portals:

Friday, February 4, 2011

A bit Kreepy

The Feature of the day is the Stunning KristinaKreep! AKA My Darling Frankenstein.

Kreepy says:

I consider myself a cross between Martha Stewart and Lily Munster, with lots of tattoos :p I'm a 25 year old house wife and stay at home mom of a beautiful baby girl. Our home is pretty much a Horror museum, which is great inspiration for my crafts. I do the crafting for my shop, but I also sew, paint, and I'm witchy in the kitchen. I have an intense love/obsession of horror and pinup culture, I've even done some professional pinup modeling. I began making hair accessories that reflected those loves a couple years ago and I was constantly asked where I bought them, My Darling Frankenstein was born! Almost all of my pieces are hand molded with resin and painted by me. Each skull, cameo, brain, bone, ect! I put so much love and time into each piece because they represent me and these genres I hold so dear. Quality is so important, I would never sell something I wouldn't wear myself. By hand molding pieces I can assure that quality. Some of my items are also available on a horror specialty site, and I also had a horror convention reach out to me to vend for them this year so I'm really excited about the direction my creations are headed!

You can see more of her fabulous creations at her etsy shop:

She is having a giveaway of this loverly:
(see pictured above)

You can also network with this Darling here:

and visit her blog here:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Take Me To Your Leader!

Welcome back folks! Todays Feature is not only for our captain but our team leader. Same person, two wonderfully ghoulish shops! and

A wee bitty profile:

I'm just a ghoul, hanging out with the living from time to time, looking to make some deliciously dark items... fashionable pieces are hard to find on the other side!!

I love lolita goth, punk rock, steampunk items... skulls, black, bows and hearts are my faves!

I know what you are thinking, thats cool! But I want to learn more! Well you can delve deeper into this girls twisted mind by following her blog here:

Another great reason to head on over there? Well GIVEAWAYS of course! Our team is really cooking up some great stuff for you!But the only way to win is to follow, so what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Ghoul's Best Friend

The featured shop of the day is AGhoulsBestFriend!
The shop owner Sara is a 25 year old living in Baltimore, this is what she says for herself;

If I had to describe myself I would say I am a cross between a sailor and a drag queen. I love glitter, fake eye lashes, and have a foul mouth that comes with no shame. I work as a book slave full time and when I am home I enjoy making accessories. I started making hair clips for myself, family, and friends a few months ago. Every time I went out I was complimented on the things I had made. One day I put my things in a small craft show to see how they would sell and after doing quite well I started an etsy page. I don't make anything that I wouldn't wear myself. I pride myself on being sweet and twisted (kind of like a candy cane) and like to bring that side out in the things that I make. Check out her lovely shop here:

Sara will be choosing one of her delicate lovelies for a giveaway at the end of the month, but if you see something you cant live without feel free to stop into her shop. I really encourage you to follow the blog if you are not yet, check in tomorrow folks, who knows what amazingness is coming!