Monday, March 28, 2011

Beauty and Braaaaiiinnnsss......

This evening I present to you the vaaavaavoom GOREgeous GirlZombie!

So, I love hats. But Ive never wanted one for everyday of the week until I saw this shop. Girlzombies fascinators are too damn cute.

Also if you need something to squeeze while you stay up late alone watching horror movies she makes awesome pillows!

(what? I know Im not the only one!)

Plus, a girlzombie can never have too many accessories :)

Girlzombie says:
im a very creative person and get my inspiration mostly from classic horror movies, pinup/rockabilly/psychobilly, retro and vintage... i am the dark and the light and enjoy both,i love vampires,grave yards,dead trees, crows,spiderwebs, coffins, zombies, but also at the same time love the innocence of the 1950's , and adore vintage shopping. i read every vampire book i can get my hands on, and watch every horror movie ( especially if there are zombies!)

heres both her links for facebook:!/eringirlzombietaylor!/pages/Beauty-and-Braaains-accessories/171025346254354
im also on :
you need to head over there and quick! she is having a giveaway for those who send her the most new fans, be sure to tell her who sent ya :) wink
just kidding, Ill give one of you ghouls a chance for the winnings <3

Win this beauty:

until next time freaks.

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