Monday, March 14, 2011

Liable to Mutate Your Tongue

Today's featured seller is Juliet Cook AKA
I'm a relentless bookworm, I love to read and I also love poetry, especially strange and unique poetry. Diving into Juliet's work is like falling into a dark but beautiful dream, and the words will haunt you, make you weep, smile, and want more.

Not only is Juliet an amazing poet, but she also helps other poets get their work out there by printing other writers poems!

The Blood Pudding Press shop features hand-designed poetry chapbooks AND a semi-random assortment of vintage and ephemera.
Contemporary poetry is Juliet's primary passion, but other interests include reading, art, third wave feminism, knee socks, vintage waitress dresses, paper products, Transcendental Meditation, the paranormal, David Lynch films, documentaries (especially about artists) contempo. lit. crit., footnotes, pomo, the gurlesque, kinky hybrids, unusual juxtapositions, and variants of horror and erotica that are not too genre-esque.

I had the honor of working with Juliet on her full length Chapbook for the cover art:

As a result of this, I got a taste of her work, am a lifelong fan, and from socializing with her I must say this woman is absolutely amazing.

You can also find her and her Delicious thoughts

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  1. Yay! Thank you so very much for your darkly delicous words, ZOMBIEHOLOCAUST!

    I sure do like that cover design of yours, an awful awful lot!

    Juliet/Blood Pudding