Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Oh the woes of individuality, shopping in the mainstream can get downright depressing. I learned early on (middle school and up) That the best way to cope is by deconstruction, making it yourself, find someone who can, or find a really special shop that doesn't sell a million of the same boring t-shirts. Well look-out because the whole list is right here ghouls. This rocker chick has some wicked cool creations!And more in the works! **Cue the Tesla coils, bubbling test tubes and fiendish laughter**

Today's feature is.....CandiStrange!

Seller Message:
so my name is strange Candi. i was developed in a crazy experiment at the wonka factory.
for as long as i can remember i have made things. and for as long as i care to remember i have been in sweet undying love with the underground.
i make my own clothes and accessories because for one thing, i like nothing i can pick up off a rack. i just cannot settle for the same stupid crap everyone else is running around in. i also haven't come across many diy shops selling my specific brand of insanity soooo i must make do for myself.
I'm a strange crafter in the fact that i don't make or even follow patterns. every item i make is completely constructed using any methods or materials that will work and have quality.
I'm always thinking up new ways i can do things and sampling different methods for quality before ever making available to the public.
most people look at a plane shirt and see....a shirt. i look at it and see a canvas and a doorway to my creativity.
not only do i make things completely from scratch, but i cant pass up an opportunity to improve other cool stuff i have or find. so while not all of my stuff is completely hand made, it's certainly not what it was before either.
one of my favorite things is to make corset type lace up tops out of pants legs. it always works out well, and they always look fantastic.
i'm also not one of those people who just take any ol shirt and upcycle it. i look for vintage AND rare. I've made many friends mad because i don't particularly fancy "updoing" any old item. i have to have a love for it in the first place or it just wont turn out right.
one of the more awesome things i do with my time is my "traveling punk rock store" i have a big giant bag i fill with random goods I've made and literally lug it around town wherever i go and approach people who look like they may be interested, or just hang out with my kids at the park and set up shop on a picnic table or something. it's a great way to meet people and get the word out about myself.
but when it all comes down to it, i just rock n roll. it's my main priority in life.

Now is a great time to head on over to her shop www.candistrange.etsy.com she is having a big sale to make room for new stock! save up to ten bucks on awesome gear!
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