Thursday, April 7, 2011


A young girl, lost and hopeless, runs through the cemetery. She’s tripping over headstones and her heels are digging into the soft soil beneath her. She pants with terror as green, dead fingers wiggle like worms beneath the earth. Some corpses have already risen and are limping toward her, their arms stretched outward.

The girl loses her balance and has dirtied her dress; it begins to fray at the ends. She creeps through bushes like a stealth black cat in the night. The branches tug at her clothing and she emerges from the brush with a broken dress strap.

Her white dress is littered with mud and twigs and spiders have begun nesting in her hair. She stands up tall, raises her chin and flees the zombie ridden graveyard. She had to have been wearing Runaway Couture...

Yes, is beautiful darkness. A far cry from the massive produced emo swag one stumbles upon in the mall. The desire of many a goth or alternative girl wanting something elegant and innovative and most importantly unique. As she describes in her above apostrophe, her work really does feel literary, and it shows in her photographs. The images will haunt you and leave you intriqued for more....

she is a self proclaimed Couturier and Costume Designer creating custom clothing for event, performance, and film. Quick and nimble fingers, vast imagination, and of course... heart :)

Follow her amazing career in which her work is feature in music videos, photoshoots, and a peek into her world on facebook and twitter!/pages/Runaway-Couture/173273859358329?sk=info

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